Welcome to Medisports A Greek company founded in 2013 and established in the medical field by providing branded products of high specifications and quality.

Medisports quickly raised among the most competitive companies in the market, position achieved through the exclusive and common representation of Word Wide recognized Brands of America and Europe, the provision of Hi-Tech medical equipment and certified high quality products as well as the responsible and uninterrupted support it provides to Health professionals.

Our company has a fully qualified and well-organized team that with its 20 years of experience enjoys recognition for its credibility, services, consistency and dedication to the medical community and enjoyed the satisfaction of its continuous and excellent cooperation with distinguished Medical Centers, Clinics and Public Hospitals of Greece.

Certified with ISO 9001: 2015, Medisports also has a sensitivity to society and science, supporting organizations and institutions that contribute to health evolution.

Our company remains committed to its founding values: professional ethics, high goals, training and development, team support and reward, equal work opportunities.

It also remains committed to building and maintaining strong professional bonds with its partners by cultivating relationships of mutual trust and personal contact.


Get to know Medisports and its contribution to Health!